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I am glad that your search has led you to my web site.  Searching for an attorney or mediator can be an overwhelming process.  I hope the following provides you with some valuable information regarding my firm’s philosophy and services.

I have been practicing law since 1998.  I have assisted more than 4000 individuals in a variety of legal matters.  What I have found is that some cases need to be aggressively litigated, while others require a more collaborative approach.  I work closely with each and every client to determine what his or her needs, goals, and expectations are then I customize the representation accordingly.  Representation that is tailored to each individual client leads to great results and grateful clients.

My practice is exclusively family law.  My specific areas of practice are described in more detail on this site.

I am an experienced litigator.  I served as an Assistant State Public Defender in the Milwaukee Trial Division for over ten years.  I have litigated motions and tried cases where the stakes are very high.  Litigation can be an effective tool in getting results, but it can be costly.  That is why clients need to know they are in experienced hands.

I am a trained and certified mediator.   I am routinely appointed by Milwaukee Family Court Mediation Services to assist parents in resolving disputes regarding their children.   These disputes have involved custody or placement issues, that often determine what school a child will attend, who will make medical decisions for the child or how much time the child will spend with each parent.  Some have involved one parent’s decision to relocate to another community and the effects of that decision on the child.

With the assistance of a good mediator, parents can take control of the process.   They can tailor agreements that meet their needs and more importantly the needs of their child or children.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping two parents, who thought their situation was hopeless, reach an agreement that not only resolved their dispute but put them on a better path to co-parenting effectively.

Guardian ad Litem
I am a guardian ad litem, appointed by Milwaukee and Ozaukee Family Court Judges and Court Commissioners to represent the best interest of children in family court matters.  In this role I have seen up close the negative impact that parents’ conflict can have on their children.

Last, I am a parent of three terrific children.  The skills and lessons you learn as a parent aren’t taught in law school and they may not make a difference in the practice of a corporate attorney but they are keenly relevant in the practice of family law and I utilize this experience in my practice every day.

Because I want to provide every client with exceptional service and the individualized attention and responsiveness they deserve I carefully select and balance my cases.  Please call my direct number (414) 375-0618 if you would like more information or to schedule a consultation.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.