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Traditional and Collaborative Divorce

Separating couples enter into traditional divorce when they are unable or unwilling to reach an amicable settlement involving issues such as support, child custody and placement and division of property.

Couples involved in a traditional divorce can either hire attorneys to work on their behalf or represent themselves. Continue reading

Child Custody and Placement

For decades, divorcing couples with children routinely sought sole legal custody of their offspring. Today, however, the common practice in Wisconsin family court is to award joint custody to both parents. Continue reading

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

Under federal and state law, parents are obligated to provide financial support for their children.

As an experienced family lawyer, Shannon stays on top of all domestic issues that could affect your child’s future, ensuring that no responsibilities are neglected, all financial needs are met and his or her future is protected. Continue reading

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

When evidence of harassment exists against a party involved in litigation, family court has the power to issue an injunction, prohibiting the aggressor from making physical contact.

By acting decisively, Shannon has a history of filing petitions with the court on behalf of her clients to obtain injunctions, thereby halting the flow of harassment and securing immediate and effective relief. Continue reading

Guardian Ad Litem

In cases of suspected child abuse or neglect, a family court may appoint a neutral party to look after the minor in question’s welfare.

A Guardian ad Litem is responsible for ensuring that all decisions during court proceedings are made with the child’s best interests in mind. Continue reading


Determining paternity is just the first step in settling a parentage case. After a blood or a DNA test has been administered – and paternity confirmed – issues such as child support, visitation, custody and placement must be resolved.

Shannon has represented both sides of the paternity coin, from mothers, who seek clarification, to fathers, who request a more active role in their child’s life, and much more. Continue reading

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