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Divorce & Legal Separation

Separating couples enter into traditional divorce when they are unable or unwilling to reach an amicable settlement involving issues such as support, child custody and placement and division of property.

Couples involved in a traditional divorce can either hire attorneys to work on their behalf or represent themselves. While traditional divorce cases may be resolved outside of court, the greater likelihood exists that legal action will come before a judge in court.

And depending on the number of issues involved, court cases may become contentious, protracted and cost-prohibitive for the separating couple.

In recent years, a new dispute resolution has gained traction and popularity with divorcing couples. Unlike potentially expensive, long and drawn out adversarial litigation proceedings, collaborative divorce allows both parties to retain counsel, while they contractually commit to reach an amicable settlement.

Grounded in the principles of mediation, collaborative divorce also gives spouses the freedom to tap into other professionals’ areas of expertise, by hiring such authorities as divorce coaches, child psychologists and financial specialists.

As a certified family mediator, Shannon is versed in this alternative form of resolution and looks forward to discussing its potential benefits and consequences to help determine if collaborative divorce is right for you.