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An alternative method of solving disputes, Mediation is a collaborative effort by parties to meaningfully discuss and resolve issues.

Acting as a neutral third-party, a mediator facilitates conversation between parties, helping problem solve by generating creative and individualized resolutions.

While Wisconsin law prohibits mediators from providing legal advice or drafting legal documents, mediators are permitted to memorialize in writing agreements and provide both sides with appropriate court forms for filing such agreements and making them official.

Mediators’ responsibilities in family court proceedings can be as narrow or broad in scope as required. Comprehensive mediations may include property division, debt allocation, maintenance, child placement and any other issue the parties need to resolve in order to finalize their divorce case.  Mediations can also be limited to isolated issues, such as medical treatment options, child placement, and grandparent visitation.

Ms. Corallo brings her creative problem-solving skills to her mediation work.  Trained and certified in 2011, Ms. Corallo currently serves as a mediator for Milwaukee Family Court Mediation Services and the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court in the Mortgage Modification Mediation Program.

Beyond her legal expertise, Ms. Corallo’s sensibilities allow her to manage parties’ emotions, so they don’t overtake the discussion and threaten compromise. Ms. Corallo’s goal is not merely to have parties reach a compromise, but to create a blueprint that they can use to resolve future conflicts.