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Great listener

Shannon is the epitome of a family lawyer. Shannon is deliberate, thoughtful, and considerate when you interact with her. I have known Shannon for over 10 years and she is always willing to answer questions regarding family matters. Shannon has the best interest of all the parties involved and is not out to just make a quick buck. Shannon listened to the specific situation and guided me through the complicated system of custody and guardianship in Milwaukee County.

-5.0 stars
Posted by Reyna September 19, 2016


A lawyer who sets the standard in a professional practice

I hired attorney Corallo to council me through a contentious divorce case which lasted about nine months. I interviewed three attorney’s in addition to attorney Corallo before I reached my decision. I was looking primarily for an attorney with a character and personality I could work with, more than anything else. I knew that in a divorce case, the feelings and emotions can obscure reasons and good judgement, so I was looking more for an attorney with “sense and sensibility”. Once I met attorney Corallo, I knew that she is the one who can guide me through this process and I will be comfortable sharing with her all my concerns and “secrets” (and trust me, everything must come out in a divorce case!). I still remember her words from the first meeting we had when she told me that she will glad to help me but she expects me to be very honest and truthful in everything I share with her, and that I could tell her anything since she will be on my side!
Here are the best qualities of attorney Corallo: (1) very pleasant, calm, and easy to talk to; (2) she listened carefully, and respectfully, to every word I said; (3) she understood my needs, concerns, and what is important, or not, to me in the case; (4) she never pushed an advice or action on me, instead she always gave me several options and explained clearly the consequences of each; (5) she was always mindful of the costs and tried to be as cost effective as possible; (6) she was never judgemental; (7) she works around the clock, never had any problems getting in touch with her, she met with me in the evenings and on weekends; (8) she was always proactive in my case, and she was never intimidated by the opposing councils; (9) she has a very nice, friendly, and efficient staff for help when attorney Corallo is not available; (10) she treated me as a person with family and job stresses, not just a client paying a set hourly rate.
I could go on and on to describe how happy I was with her help on my case, which ended in August, but I hope you will find out for your self, if you choose to hire her.
If you’re reading this review, then you may be looking for an attorney, I did that myself months ago, and I was truly blessed to find attorney Corallo. Good Luck!

-5.0 stars
Anonymous review posted on September 12, 2016


Amazing to work with!

Shannon is a wonderful, professional, and intelligent attorney who truly has her client’s best interests at heart. She kept me focused on the end goal and turned a highly antagonistic divorce into as close as amicable as possible. I would recommend her to anyone.

– 5 stars
Posted by Steve on August 17, 2016