Divorce Attorney with client - BW image - Shannon Corallo
In my more than 20 years practicing law, I have assisted thousands of individuals resolve a wide variety of legal matters. Some cases needed to be aggressively litigated, while others required a more collaborative approach. I work closely with each and every client to understand and meet their specific needs, goals, and expectations. This process of well thought out strategies, custom tailored to each individual client’s situation, leads to great results and satisfied clients.
In cases involving litigation, my years of experience in the Milwaukee Trial Division of the State Public Defenders Office has equipped me with the tools needed to be a particularly effective family law attorney. Litigation can be a very effective tool in getting results, but the stakes are very high. Having handled thousands of court cases positions me to successfully represent my client in the courtroom. There are substantial costs involved, both financial and emotional. That is why my clients are secure in the knowledge that they are in experienced hands that will maximize their results and justify their investment.
Employing creative solutions such as mediation and arbitration to assist clients resolve disputes is an important feature of my practice. While I routinely mediate specific issues such as a dispute over custody or placement, it is the comprehensive mediations which assist the participants in resolving all the issues in their case that I most enjoy. Fortunately, due to a recent change in Wisconsin Law, Attorney Mediators can now draft and file legal documents on behalf of participants in a case. This has allowed me to effectively assist mediation participants in every step of the resolution process.

“She personifies great work ethic and is very organized”


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