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How to end an invalid marriage

What is Annulment?

Annulment is the legal procedure taken to end an invalid marriage, in other words—to end a marriage that never should have been allowed to take place. Courts grant annulments in limited situations and according to Wisconsin Statute §767.313, grounds for granting one include a case where a party lacked consent, where a party was forced into the marriage, where the marriage was entered into based on fraud, where a party lacked the physical capacity to consummate, or the marriage was prohibited by the laws of this state, or the party was still a minor. While annulment actions may be difficult and daunting, they are not impossible. It is important to seek advice from a family law attorney who can look at the facts of your situation and apply them to the statute to determine if your case will be successful. If you are interested in seeking an annulment, please call our firm to see if the facts of your case would allow this remedy.
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