sesame street divorce episode

Through the Eyes of a Child: What is Divorce?

For the past 50 years, Sesame Street has been the go-to television show for millions and millions of families with young children. According to Theresa Fitzgerald, who oversees branding at the Sesame Workshop, “the Sesame magic is they take difficult topics and put them through the lens of a child, so that it’s...

529 savings plan document

Don’t forget about your 529 plan!

A 529 plan (Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code) is a tax-free investment account which authorizes the establishment of accounts set up for future qualified higher education expenses for a minor child, or for private school tuition for a minor child. Although the money in a 529 plan is for the benefit...

putting hands together - diversity

Putting Together Your Team

A major component of my firm’s philosophy is that helping people secure good information and professional guidance will empower them to make good decisions. A client’s team incorporates, where necessary, a pool of professionals with a wide range of experience and expertise who collaborate with us to gather information and analyze options. Pulling...

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