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Child Custody and Placement

In the state of Wisconsin “custody” is the legal right to take care of and make major decisions concerning a child.

Child Custody in Wisconsin

In the state of Wisconsin “custody” is the legal right to take care of and make major decisions concerning a child. In a divorce or paternity matter, a parent may be awarded sole custody and be responsible for making the major decisions concerning a child such as medical decisions, educational decisions, and religious decisions without having to obtain the consent of the other parent.
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In some cases, both parties are awarded custody, and this would be called “joint legal custody”. In joint legal custody cases, both parties have equal rights as to the major decisions impacting a child’s life and should they not be able to agree—court intervention may be necessary. One possibility to help resolve this potential issue is the arrangement of joint legal custody with impasse authority, which would involve one parent having the final say should there be a disagreement.
Shannon provided guidance and held my best interests while working to get a settlement in my child's best interest. She advised me and helped me to remain patient with the process, and she was always available to consult with, either by phone or email. -Mitchell, 6/9/2017

Child Placement in Wisconsin

Physical placement of a child is the period of time a child spends with the parent. While in some families one parent has a majority of the time with the children, many times parents who separate decide that an equal placement schedule is best for the children. Commonly enough, disagreements regarding placement and how much time each parent gets with the children is at the front and center of many divorce and paternity actions. There are many steps at resolving placement disputes such as attending mediation, having a Guardian ad Litem appointed, and even going through a custody study. It is important for you to be educated and informed on these steps, the possible outcomes and how it will all affect your family. We are here to make your family the top priority by taking the time to discuss the possible outcomes, scenarios, and resources available to help reach a decision that is best for you and your children.

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