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Child Support

The financial obligation each parent has to a child

Deviations from statutory guidelines and gross income

In the state of Wisconsin, parents have the responsibility of financially supporting their children. In divorce or paternity actions, child support is calculated based upon the amount of time a parent has with their children. In standard percentage cases, the following percentages of income are used: 17% of gross income for 1 child; 25% of gross income for 2 children; 29% of gross income for 3 children; 31% of gross income for 4 children and 34% of gross income for 5 or more children. Child support obligations are based on the parent’s gross income and the percentage of time a child spends with their parent. The statute also allows courts to take into consideration whether someone is supporting children from a prior relationship or is a high-income payor. The court can also deviate upward or downward from the statutory guidelines if the facts in the case justify such. Many people do not realize that the law defines gross income broadly; for example, over-time pay and bonus income are both considered income available for support.
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Shannon was good at making sure we were clear on our goals for our family, and not
necessarily following what is normally done. Keeping me the primary parent and making
sure to financially make that happen. Also, since my ex-husband and I had done the
initial filing on our own, helping get a final document that detailed things to watch out for
my kids and I. Also, dealing with my ex-husband choosing to represent himself.” –
Hannah, 8/29/2016

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Our firm can guide you through the child support process and make sure the amount of support ordered is fair, appropriate, and in the best interests of your child or children. Please contact our firm to discuss which route may be most appropriate for you and to help you get started with your child support actions. Or give us a call at 414-375-0618.

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