COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic: Can I proceed with my divorce?

On top of the unsurmountable amount of questions divorcing couples face, they are now faced with the question: can we still proceed with a divorce during this pandemic? The short answer is ‘yes’, but with changes.  Local courts have not changed the ability to file for a divorce, what has changed is the accessibility component.  Courts vary in how they are conducting temporary hearings, pre-trial hearings, stipulated divorce hearings, and trials during this pandemic.  While the divorce process remains relatively the same, it is best to speak to an attorney to see if your particular court’s rules and procedures for Covid-19 may affect the filing of your action and how your case may proceed during the divorce process.  

As was the case before Covid-19, the divorce process can be daunting and riddled with emotional challenges, seeking legal advice to help prepare you to move forward in a reasonable manner is your best first step.  Please do not hesitate to contact our firm to speak to an attorney or schedule an appointment. We will continue to offer virtual consultations, in addition to telephone consultations.  Should you wish to meet in-person at our office, we have employed safety protocols to keep everyone healthy and protected.  

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