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An alternative method of solving disputes, mediation is a collaborative effort by parties to meaningfully discuss and resolve issues.

Mediation in Milwaukee

Mediation is an effective and frequently used method of resolving disputes in a divorce and legal separation. This process involves parties working together with an independent and neutral third party to discuss and resolve legal issues. While a mediator cannot provide legal advice, they are able to provide legal information which can enable parties to navigate the legal process without being represented by attorneys. Further, attorney mediators can now draft and file legal documents for parties. This means that for some cases, mediation can be a stand-alone process for securing a divorce, legal separation, or for resolving post-judgement issues that may arise after the divorce or separation is over.
Mediation can be limited to specific issues such as creating grandparent or pet visitation schedules, helping parents decide what school a child should attend, or resolving disputes about the reconciling of expenses that have been incurred on behalf of a child. Mediation allows each party to directly voice their concerns and interests, which promotes collaboration, creative problem solving, and open lines of communication. This approach also facilitates healthier post-divorce or separation interactions. Mediation also provides parties more control over the cost and pace of their case, which enables them to conserve resources and make decisions in a time frame that works for the whole family. The divorce process does not have to be adversarial in nature. Finding the right process makes a significant difference. As a trained mediator I know how to facilitate discussions between parties on emotionally charged issues, so exploring settlement options is focused on solutions, not positions. Please contact our firm to schedule a consultation to discuss if mediation is a viable option for you and your spouse.

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