An alternative method of solving disputes, mediation is a collaborative effort by parties to meaningfully discuss and resolve issues.

Mediation is an effective and frequently used method of resolving specific disputes in a divorce. This process involves parties working with an independent and neutral third party who will help the parties explore their various options and allow each party to voice their concerns with the goal of reaching a mutually agreed upon settlement. Mediation is an extremely beneficial way for couples to maintain control of the decision making in their divorce case. The process also promotes collaboration and open lines of communication which can foster healthier post-divorce interactions.
Comprehensive mediations may include property division, debt allocation, maintenance, child placement and any other issue the parties need to resolve in order to finalize their divorce case. Mediations can also be limited to isolated issues, such as medical treatment options and grandparent visitation. Mediation can occur with legal counsel present or the parties can engage independently in that process.
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