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Protection Orders

The remedy you need if you are concerned for your safety or are being harassed by your spouse or significant other

Domestic Abuse Restraining Orders

Wisconsin provides the ability to obtain a restraining order against a person, instructing them to stop the behavior alleged in the petition. There are two types of restraining orders; the first type is a domestic abuse restraining order and the second is a harassment restraining order. If you file a domestic abuse restraining order, you are asking that the court order the other person to stop committing the acts of domestic violence, to stay away from you and your residence, to stop and avoid any contact with you, to avoid contact with you through a third party, or to limit the contact to email, or other relief as the court finds necessary in your matter.
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Harassment Restraining Orders

Harassment restraining orders are used for victims of harassment involving the threats of or actual unwanted physical contact, stalking, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Repeated conduct that services no legitimate purpose and is intended to harass someone can be a basis for this type of order as well.
Both types of injunctions can be initiated by filing a petition in the county where the filer resides, or is temporarily living, or where the respondent lives, or even where the incident took place.
At the injunction hearing, the court will listen to testimony from each party and determine whether the act or acts constitute(s) domestic abuse or harassment and if so, will issue the restraining order. It is extremely important to have an experienced attorney help you present your case and prepare for the injunction hearing. The consequences can be very significant and it is important to be represented by a firm that has trial experience. As you can see from the review below our firm is more than capable of assisting you with these types of matters.
Shannon is genuinely compassionate and a powerhouse in the courtroom!! What I thought was going to be an amicable divorce took a turn for the worst. Shannon assisted me with a restraining order and then represented me in court for the De Novo Hearing and divorce proceedings. Most importantly, she strives to stay on task to keep the proceeding moving forward while looking out for your best interest!! I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me with one of the most difficult times of my life!! Thank you Shannon!! - Melinda, Former Client

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