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International Divorce

Parties who may have lived or intend to relocate to other countries

International Divorce Lawyers

International divorce is a broad term and includes cases where parties live in the State of Wisconsin but may have lived or intend to relocate to other countries. In cases where parties have lived or intend to live separately in other countries, valuing and dividing existing assets such as retirement plans can be extremely complex. One way to meet this challenge is to collaborate with advocates in those other countries.
I have been fortunate to build and grow relationships with firms in Switzerland, France, Canada, and Mexico. In cases where one party wishes to travel or relocate with a child to a foreign country, knowledge of laws that govern the return of children is critical including enforcing support and other orders. When one party is residing in a foreign country there are many challenges which is why it can be so important to anticipate problems and effectively deal with them in any settlement agreements at the time of divorce or when separation is granted. Our firm is happy to provide referrals to interpreters and bilingual firms if that is what your case requires.

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