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Military Divorce

Cases where participation in the military has or will have a bearing on an issue in that case

Military Divorce Lawyers

Military divorce involves cases where participation in the military (either current or in the past) has or will have a bearing on an issue in that case. For example, in cases where a party is on active duty in the military, issues such as custody and placement will need careful consideration, particularly if a party is stationed in a foreign country. It is important to be creative with ways that a parent in the military can sustain their relationship with their children including finding ways to maximize contact when they are on leave or when their service is complete.
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Service members may also have benefits including additional income that needs to be assessed. Dividing assets such as military pension or a Thrift Savings Plan require special orders that need to be prepared by experts. Our firm has handled these types of cases incorporating the necessary experts where required. That approach of combining our expertise and creative problem solving with outside resources has helped our clients, who are either in the military or have a spouse in the military, obtain positive results.

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